Advantages of Seal Coating an Asphalt Pavement

A typical asphalt pavement is made up of bituminous, rock, sand and stone base. All of these are hold on together by a binding agent like by product of crude oil. As the time passes this agent loses its binding ability due to the temperature changes, rainfall, tree roots, and many more. Unfortunately this ends up in creating cracks and potholes. This degrades the pavement. People put protective layers on their pavements to save them. Seal coating is a commonly used name of this protective layer. This layer also gives a beautiful glazy look to the pavement.

The climate of Michigan has a deep impact on the asphalt pavements here. The hot and cold temperature condition easily creates cracks in the pavements. Paving contractors in Michigan are fully aware of this fact. That is why they always emphasize on putting a protective layer on the asphalt pavement in regular interval of two to three years in average.

What is seal coat made of?

Seal coat is a water-based formulation of coal-by product or acrylic emulsion, combined with water, silica, adhesive and other fillers. This coat can be applied using brush or spray paint. It is highly recommended that this process must be done by asphalt company professionals.

It is also very necessary to take care of this seal coating. A regular renewal of this coating in certain interval can increase the life of the pavement. Residential asphalt companies in Michigan can help you to take care of this coating against small fees. Also this will protect the pavement from potholes, sand, and car oil, ultraviolet rays of sun and compression and expansion effects due to temperature changes.

The benefits of seal coating

The benefits of seal coating a pavement are

  • This minimizes the repairing cost of asphalt pavement.
  • Seal coating improves the shinny look of the pavement.
  • This also prevents the oxidizing effects on the tar and binding compound.
  • This prevents the damage caused by climatic change on the asphalt.
  • This prevents the heating of pavement due to hot weather.
  • Seal coating also protects the pavement from the damages caused by car oil, gas etc.


The costing of this coating is depended not only on the square foot area of the pavement, but also the quality of material an asphalt company is using to coat and the number of cracks present on the pavement. This determines the extension of care the pavement needs. A good coating will help to protect your pavement for a long time.

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