Important Factors of Asphalt Maintenance and Seal Coating

As the time passes, the pavement in front of your house or office starts to lose the beauty and small cracks start to appear on it. Even the smooth and glazy look of the pavement is faded. This the time you should decide whether to sealcoat your pavement or do a full maintenance of it. You will find the maintenance guys of asphalt companies are knocking at your door, looking for business. But before you hire an asphalt company you must have a good idea about the asphalt and your pavement. Read more “Important Factors of Asphalt Maintenance and Seal Coating”

Advantages of Seal Coating an Asphalt Pavement

A typical asphalt pavement is made up of bituminous, rock, sand and stone base. All of these are hold on together by a binding agent like by product of crude oil. As the time passes this agent loses its binding ability due to the temperature changes, rainfall, tree roots, and many more. Unfortunately this ends up in creating cracks and potholes. This degrades the pavement. People put protective layers on their pavements to save them. Seal coating is a commonly used name of this protective layer. This layer also gives a beautiful glazy look to the pavement.

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Types of Materials Used For Seal Coating

To prevent damage and aging of asphalt pavements, asphalt companies do recommend seal coating the pavement annually. The asphalt used for building your pavement can be damaged by the gasoline, air pollutants, freezing and contraction of winter season, humidity and high temperature rise causing expansion in summer time, heavy rainfall of monsoon, UV rays of bright sunlight and many more. And all of these factors are very much present in the state of Michigan. In long term it is quite necessary to coat the pavement with proper seal otherwise cracks and even potholes can appear on them. Read more “Types of Materials Used For Seal Coating”

How to Maintain Asphalt Pavement

Treatment of the asphalt pavements is the after- work maintenance plan every asphalt company recommends. Otherwise the surface of your pavement will be crumble and corrosive. With the help of experienced asphalt company and paving contractor, residents of Michigan can take care of their pavement. People must follow an appropriate plan of action for maintenance keeping in mind the damage type and treatment required. Read more “How to Maintain Asphalt Pavement”

Why Asphalt Paving Is Becoming More Popular Than Concrete?

Both concrete and asphalt have ruled the market of paving for a long time. Now both of these two materials have their own pros and cons, yet asphalt has been proved to be a better choose. Like other states, paving contractors in Michigan are also using asphalt regularly for pavements, parking lots, driveways. Read more “Why Asphalt Paving Is Becoming More Popular Than Concrete?”

Repainting Asphalt Parking Lot Ensures Improved Quality

A broken and dirty pavement in front of your house will always diminish the beauty of your house. In Michigan people have a tendency to overlook their pavements and parking lots. The bad effect of this habit is a cracked pavement with full of potholes, which can even be fatal for anyone. A well maintained pavement is not a very hard thing to achieve. All you got to do is hire a proper paving constructor in Michigan, plan it and execute the operation as per plan. But to hire the suitable one you should act properly. Read more “Repainting Asphalt Parking Lot Ensures Improved Quality”

The Resident Asphalt Companies in Michigan Are the Best Option

Many homemakers has shown interest in making a permanent pavement for their garage and parking lots  by renowned companies but most of them are not aware of the pros and cons of having one in reality. As a result most of the pavements develop cracks due to lack of maintenance. This is true for pavements in Michigan too. But as a matter of fact it is true that a residential asphalt company of Michigan is best to do this job.  Read more “The Resident Asphalt Companies in Michigan Are the Best Option”